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Authentic boxing and kickboxing group fitness workouts.

Anyone can
hit a bag.
We just do It

At Undisputed Boxing Gym we’ve been at it for over a decade,
carefully crafting the ultimate fitness program so no two
workouts are ever the same. 365 days…365 different classes.
It’s the ultimate shock to your system. Because we’ve always
believe that the harder the battle, the sweeter the victory.

Our Signature Class

Undisputed Workout60 hard-fought, non-stop minutes of boxing, kickboxing, strength and conditioning. Although no two classes are the same, every UBG fitness experience is a full-body workout using our pro-style heavy bags while bumping the latest beats by our Undisputed DJs. Expect the unexpected. It’s our job to keep each workout fun and fresh.

Our Method


Our trainers take care of everything you need so you can have fun while you’re working hard. There’s something for everyone here. Join us to stay motivated, learn, and achieve the results you’re after.


  • Everyone who works here is rad and they were super helpful from the point of my first inquiry about the cost of a class to after when I (of course) wanted to sign up for a membership.

    Candice G.
    Silicon Valley
  • Amazing Gym! It’s hard to find a great gym that offers a full circuit. Their classes get you in shape fast and great weight training. Definitely a great spot to get right.

    Jake H.
    Menlo Park
  • This is a place where people push themselves in their workouts, because that’s how you avoid plateaus, that’s how you hit your goals, and it’s just how some people roll.

    Andrew W.
    Redwood City
  • The real deal. Check out a place that combines kickboxing, boxing, and fitness under one roof. You will feel like family and do your personal best!

    Mark M.
    San Carlos
  • Over the years, I’ve belonged to a lot of gyms in the Bay Area, and this is my absolute favorite one. I look forward to going to class because we have fun and and I get an awesome workout.

    Megan M.
  • The culture here is like no other. Regardless of your fitness level, you will be greeted warmly and treated like you belong there. Simply unrivaled, there is nothing better.

    Beatrice H.
    San Carlos
  • Best.Workouts.Ever. You want fit? Join this gym.

    Heidi B.